Geometrize  1.0
C++ library for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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 |\CSVGExportOptionsThe SVGExportOptions struct represents the options that can be set for the SVG export
 oCBitmapHelper class for working with bitmap data
 oCrgbaThe rgba struct is a helper for manipulating RGBA8888 color data
 oCModelModel for the core optimization/fitting algorithm
 oCScanlineScanline, a row of pixels running across a bitmap
 oCImageRunnerHelper class for creating a set of primitives from a source image
 oCImageRunnerOptionsEncapsulates preferences/options that the image runner uses
 oCLineSimple line
 oCQuadraticBezierQuadratic bezier curve
 oCRotatedEllipseRotated ellipse
 oCRotatedRectangleRotated rectangle
 oCShapeResultThe ShapeResult struct is a container for info about a shape added to the model
 \CStateRelates a shape and related properties to a measure of how close it brings the working image closer to the target image