Geometrize  1.0
C++ library for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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1 #pragma once
3 #include <cstdint>
5 #include "../shape/shapetypes.h"
7 namespace geometrize
8 {
15 {
16 public:
18  std::uint8_t alpha = 128U;
19  std::uint32_t shapeCount = 50U;
20  std::uint32_t maxShapeMutations = 100U;
21  std::uint32_t seed = 9001U;
22  std::uint32_t maxThreads = 0;
23 };
25 }
std::uint32_t shapeCount
The number of candidate shapes that will be tried per model step.
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:19
The ShapeTypes enum specifies the types of shapes that can be used. These can be combined to produce ...
Definition: shapetypes.h:16
std::uint32_t maxThreads
The maximum number of separate threads for the implementation to use. 0 lets the implementation choos...
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:22
Definition: shapetypes.h:21
The ImageRunnerOptions class encapsulates preferences/options that the image runner uses...
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:14
std::uint32_t maxShapeMutations
The maximum number of times each candidate shape will be modified to attempt to find a better fit...
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:20
std::uint32_t seed
The seed for the random number generators used by the image runner.
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:21
std::uint8_t alpha
The alpha/opacity of the shapes (0-255).
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:18
geometrize::ShapeTypes shapeTypes
The shape types that the image runner shall use.
Definition: imagerunneroptions.h:17