Geometrize  1.0
C++ library for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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1 #pragma once
3 #include <vector>
5 namespace geometrize
6 {
7 class Circle;
8 class Ellipse;
9 class Line;
10 class Polyline;
11 class QuadraticBezier;
12 class Rectangle;
13 class RotatedEllipse;
14 class RotatedRectangle;
15 class Shape;
16 class Triangle;
17 }
19 namespace geometrize
20 {
22 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Shape& s);
23 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Circle& s);
24 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Ellipse& s);
25 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Line& s);
26 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Polyline& s);
27 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::QuadraticBezier& s);
28 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Rectangle& s);
29 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::RotatedEllipse& s);
30 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::RotatedRectangle& s);
31 std::vector<float> getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Triangle& s);
33 }
The RotatedEllipse class represents a rotated ellipse.
Definition: rotatedellipse.h:15
The Circle class represents a circle.
Definition: circle.h:15
The Line class represents a simple line.
Definition: line.h:15
The Rectangle class represents a rectangle.
Definition: rectangle.h:15
The Ellipse class represents an ellipse.
Definition: ellipse.h:15
The Triangle class represents a triangle.
Definition: triangle.h:15
The Polyline class represents a polyline.
Definition: polyline.h:17
std::vector< float > getRawShapeData(const geometrize::Shape &s)
Definition: shapeserializer.cpp:21
The RotatedRectangle class represents a rotated rectangle.
Definition: rotatedrectangle.h:15
Definition: shape.h:17
The QuadraticBezier class represents a quadratic bezier curve.
Definition: quadraticbezier.h:15